VitalForm is a brand that connects ORGANIC manufacturers with healthy food seekers. Our mission is rather simple: to help people maintain their health longer.

The delicious and healthy VitalForm products are made in Europe and sold in many European countries. On top of that, we’ve developed two product lines specifically for the tastes and requirements of the Middle-Eastern market. These are the following:

YAAAM Muesli bars
Gluten and lactose free YAAAM cereal bars don’t contain any added sugar to support a healthy diet of every family. YAAAM bars are made of corn, aromatic dried fruits and a variety of seeds. YAAAM is the best choice of conscious mothers, who want to treat their kids with healthy snacks and wish to avoid the harmful effects of added sugar.

GYMMM Protein Muesli bars
Gluten and lactose free GYMMM cereal bars don’t contain any added sugar and therefore suit even the most sensitive needs, while offering rich nutritional value. They provide a healthy source of vitality, as they are made of high quality soy protein nuggets, tasty dried fruits and nutritious seeds. Fill yourself with extra energy before and after your workout, or during your working hours!

YAAAM Premium Dates
Dates are one of the tastiest and healthiest sun-kissed fruits coming from the heart of Oriental oases, full of essential minerals and vitamins. Yaaam dates are manufactured to the highest standards in the dried date range, offering carefully selected, best quality fruits.